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President | Roberto Rinaldini

Roberto Rinaldini was born and raised in Florence, Italy. As a child, Roberto discovered his love for wine while spending time with his grandfather – an Italian winemaker. In addition to wine, Roberto was engulfed in hospitality with a legacy of Florentine restaurants and hotels which are still operating today.


Roberto received a degree in accounting from the University of Florence. After working as an accountant for many years, Roberto changed careers and moved to the United States to chase his dreams in the hospitality industry. With great ambition, Roberto hopes to spread the deep traditions of Italian hospitality in the United States by offering an array of specialty beverage products and consulting.

Rinaldini Distribution is a specialized company that imports, distributes and offers consulting and service on unique beverage hospitality products that aim to maximize profits, reduce waste, and enhance hospitality environments including restaurants, wine bars, lounges, hotels and resorts, casinos, country clubs, night clubs, and private wine cellars.


Official importer & distributor of Wineemotion dispensing systems in the USA, Rinaldini Distribution was one of the first distributors of Wineemotion worldwide. Rinaldini Distribution was the first importer and distributor who introduced the first Italian automated wine system in the USA in 2003 and was awarded the innovator of the year 2003 from the California restaurant association.


About Rinaldini Distribution, inc.

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