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Wine Bottle

               Sleeves by


Freezerino®, the thermal bottle holder .
In several colors and finishes, these bottle holders make your table elegant and refined;at the same time its thermal efficiency allows you to be able to drink for more than 1 hour with chilled and fresh wine or champagne without using ice.


Product with craftsmanship and high quality materials, has  ultra-technological materials with amazing cooling properties.


Suitable in elegant environments, can be customized with embossed or written logos for promotional purposes.

Wine Bottle Sleeves

It’s Made in Italy: handcrafted and produced exclusively in Italian manufacturing laboratories.
It’s thermal: keeps fresh the bottle for more than an hour.
It’s elegant: adaptable to any environment and decor style, eye-catching but not bulky.
It’s practical: lightweight, handy and easy-to-use.
It’s protective: durable, stiff, wraps the whole bottle and prevent any fall damage.
It’s waterproof: and water washable depending on material.
It’s cheap: don’t need any ice-bucket on the table and avoids the annoying drip .
It’s unique: original, innovative ….. patented.
It’s always different: coverable externally with any high quality or cheap materials (such as leather, horsy, patent leather and printed leather as python, kroko, rafia, straw, ecoleather and different tissues as cotton, velvet and many other).
It’s customizable: with your logoplate, embossing or impression printing, embroidery, screenprinting or whatever.



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