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Champagne Preservation


The Perlage System® is a revolutionary new product for preserving opened bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine. Using the Perlage System, opened bottles of Champagne will maintain their flavor and sparkle for weeks. With Perlage, you will never waste a drop of Champagne again.

Used in thousands of restaurants world wide, and by producers of the finest Champagnes such as Dom Perignon, The Perlage System® is now available to home users. You can now have at home the same preservation technology used in top restaurants and wineries.


Seperate packs of cartridges for Home system available. External gas tanks for Commercial system are available through most gas suppliers.

Home or Commercial Systems Available

Champagne Preservation Systems

With the Perlage System, opened bottles will retain their original flavors and sparkle indefinitely. Restaurants can now confidently serve grand marques such as Dom Perignon, Krug, Cristal, Veuve Clicquot and others by the glass without fear of waste, and home consumers can enjoy Champagne any time--not just on special occasions. Perlage is a true preservation system, not simply a cap, cork, stopper, keeper or vacuum gadget.



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