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Cocktail Carbonators


The home version of the Perlini Cocktail shaker uses a portable hand-held filler that uses disposable beverage-grade CO2 cartridges. The restaurant version of Perlini uses a commercial-grade filler that connects to a stand-alone CO2 cylinder, or can be spliced into an existing soda dispensing system.


In both the home and restaurant version, the pressurization hardware and methodology is the same as for the Perlage Champagne Preservation System--so you don't have to purchase two different sets of hardware if you wish to use both systems.


Seperate packs of cartridges for Home system available. External gas tanks for Commercial system are available through most gas suppliers.

Home or Commercial Systems Available

Carbonated Cocktail System

Perlini is a revolutionary new product for producing highly carbonated cocktails in a matter of seconds, regardless of the ingredients. It functions exactly like a traditional cocktail shaker, but the shaker is a pressure vessel that is pressurized with carbon dioxide. Simply add ice to the shaker along with all of the ingredients (liquors, mixers, fruit, etc.), close the shaker, pressurize, shake for five seconds, and you're done!



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