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Wine Dispensers


The WineEmotion™ Quattro + 4 is the most advanced commercial wine dispenser on the market. The Quattro + 4 has unparalleled technology, utilizes two temperature-controlled chambers, is elegantly designed, and is engineered to handle the rigors of a commercial setting. The Quattro + 4 enhances any wine program, built to increase profits and reduce waste, while enhancing decor. The Quattro + 4 can also be customized to make your WineEmotion™ unique for your establishment.

  • 8 Bottle Positions (4 White + 4 Red)

  • Dual Temperature Zone

  • Split Zone kit

  • Activation Card

  • Key Lock on Front Panel

  • LED Lighting

  • Digital Display

  • ISOL- Plus Technology

  • Options – Custom Color

  • Options – Custom Serigraph

  • Options – Custom Lateral Side Panels

  • Options – RGB Light Dynamic Front Panel

  • Options – Finger Activation

  • 2 Year Warranty

Wine Dispensing Systems

Wine Dispensers by Wineemotion are the latest generation of wine dispensing technology. Enhance your wine by the glass program with 30 days preservation, prices pour control and many marketable features in each of the Wineemotion wine dispensers. Four bottle, Five bottle and Eight bottle systems ensure the right combination to fit your bottle count. View our line of Wineemotion wine dispensing systems.



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