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If you've popped into any of New York City's most posh dining and entertainment spots lately, one major theme may have jumped out at you. They really know how to offer a wine by the glass program.

In a city that focuses on authenticity and variety; wine enthusiasts are not short on choices for selection. From the most iconic restaurants, like The Four Seasons Restaurant to the classic wine merchant Union Square Wines. Everywhere you go, there is premium wine by the glass available for your tasting enjoyment.

How do these locations offer such elaborate wine by the glass lists? They all use the newest and most innovative technology by Wineemotion wine dispensing systems. Wineemotion is an Italian crafted wine dispensing system used to increase profit, decrease spoilage, eliminate over-pouring and provide an engaging wine tasting experience for all guests.

The Wineemotion wine dispensing systems also act as an eye catching wine display. The entire bottle is visible to guest and a beautiful LED lighting system makes each bottle shine. Guest can't help but be intrigued by the display. Like moth to a flame, they walk up, taste premium wines they would have never purchased by the bottle and quickly up-sell to the full glass option.

This type of technology is not new. The team at Wineemotion first started inventing automated wine dispensing systems back in 2002 under another brand. When creative differences caused a split, it's innovator, Riccardo Gosi sold and re-entered the industry some years later. This time Gosi had full creative control. The first thing he did was totally redesigned the aesthetics, "the wine dispensing system should not only preserve and serve the wine, but it should act as a beautiful compliment for the decor and ambience of the location simultaneously displaying each bottle in its entirety" Gosi Comments.

Take one look at the system and it's not a wonder why long time wine merchants like Union Square Wines quickly switched brands upon the release of Wineemotion back in 2012. Union Square Wines uses their Wineemotion wine dispensing system to offer guests tastings of some of the their featured premium wines in hopes of them purchasing higher price points. One can only assume there is a serious correlation between the wines they have in the wine dispensing system and the depleted stock of each of those wines conveniently situated near the system. These things are marketing machines.

You know you've made it when you're sitting next to the wading pool of The Four Seasons Restaurant and the colorful Julian Niccolini comes by to offer you the wine list. Like his restaurant, Julian has been a staple in the New York City culinary scene for many years. He has a big hand in the selection of wine by the glass. His incredible attention to detail and the fact he and his restaurant chose Wineemotion to be an integral part in its wine by the glass program speaks volumes for the technology.

New Yorkers have grown accustomed to their extraordinary selection of culinary options. So much that when they travel, they can come off as spoiled or arrogant when they dine out. You can't fault them, they live where the rest of the world looks for innovation and direction. This is also why the rest of the United States has begun to adopt expansive wine by the glass lists. Often times, they will use the same technology previously mentioned to help with the tribulations typically associated with such lists. Areas like Omaha, NE and Seattle, WA, once known as beer drinking towns have experienced a type of wine renaissance greatly attributable to the New York culinary scene's adoption of Wineemotion wine dispensing technology.

Omaha and the surrounding areas alone boast collectively over 300 wines by the glass being served on the Wineemotion system. That translates into a lot of premium wine being tasted, bought and consumed.

Other hot markets for premium wine by the glass include, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix and many more. It's kind of a no brainer. Restaurants face consistent compression of profit margins. The wine by the glass list is possibly the final frontier for expansion.

Like the ultra trend setting city of New York, more and more cities and regions will continue to place heavy emphasis on wine by the glass in order to offer customers a whole and authentic experience while increasing revenue and profit margins.

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