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Bartender Whiskey Dispenser by Wineemotion

For over a year now, Wineemotion the leader in wine dispensing technology has been testing its newest innovation. Bartender by Wineemotion is a portion controlled, customer pre-paid card capable whiskey dispensing and display system.

Through its exclusive partnership with Grane Whiskey Dispensery in Omaha, NE, Wineemotion has tested the whiskey dispensers in the field with extremely high usage in a "real-life" setting. Grane is the creation of Dan Matusek, CEO of Brix Co the holding company for both Brix Wine Bar and Grane Whiskey Dispensery.

After extensive testing, Wineemotion is ready to release to the market their innovative Whiskey Dispensing System, Bartender. Like their wine dispensers, Bartender is capable of either behind the bar or customer pre-paid card use. The system is available in Room Temperature which is ideal for the high majority of Whiskeys.

Possibly one of the most valuable features is the precise portion control. Whiskeys of all kinds can fetch very high prices per ounce. It would be a huge hit to P&L sheets if staff were to over pour by the typical 15%. Another nice feature and crucial for upselling is the variable pour amounts. Management can program up to three different volumes to pour from each bottle position. Guests can choose a sample portion and then decide whether to purchase more.

Bartender is a 7 bottle system allowing for the loading of almost any standard 750 ml whiskey bottles. This configuration is important because whiskey bottles can vary in shape and sizes. Having a system that can handle all shapes and sizes is very important. The unique taps proprietary to Wineemotion are designed to handle any opening for a proper seal of the bottles. Its LED lighting creates a beautiful display for the bottles attracting guests and creating buzz.

If décor is important, the versatility of the Bartender system will be a plus and allows you to enhance your interior. Highly customizable with various finishes like matte black or chrome and/or gold plated pistons, doors handles and buttons are available. The standard version in stainless steel is still quite beautiful as well.

Bartender is now available to the public through Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. the Master Distributor of all Wineemotion products for the United States. Rinaldini Distribution has been offering innovative beverage technology solutions since 2003. Contact Rinaldini Distribution or go to for more information on Bartender by Wineemotion.

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