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Local Union 271 in Palo Alto, CA

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Palo Alton, CA is synonymous with technology and innovation. The world’s brightest tech teams base their companies and research facilities throughout the area. With this kind of demographics it’s not a surprise that the area is also home to a very strong culinary industry.

Local Union 271 (the restaurant) in Palo Alto is a local family owned restaurant that serves exceptionally produced food and drink. Local union 271 (the network) is a group of farms, ranches, dairies, bakeries, breweries, wineries and a lot more sourced to be served “farm to table.”

When it comes to Palo Alto and wine, guests have a wealth of options. Local Union 271 sets itself apart from other locations by incorporating a Wineemotion wine dispensing and display system for its wine by the glass program. Often restaurateurs are limited by open wines’ short shelf life, over-pouring and other factors to be able to create the wine by the glass program they envision. The Wineemotion wine dispensing system frees up those limitations, enabling them to maximize the wine experience for guests and increasing profit for their P&L in its wine by the glass program.

Fresh is the theme at Local Union 271 and their wine by the glass is some of the freshest around. Each bottle loaded into their Wineemotion wine dispensing system is preserved for up to 30 days with food grade argon gas. Other features include, precise amount pour control and variable pour volumes which is valuable for management considering it eliminates over-pouring and allows for tastings, half glass flights and full glass pours.

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