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Steamboat Springs: Powder runs during the day, fine fare and drinks at Yama

This world-class ski town is more than just great powder runs. Steamboat Springs has a vibrant culinary scene with restaurants like Yama Modern Japanese Sushi and Ramen Bar.

Steamboat Springs, CO is known mostly for one thing... amazing powder. As a skier's haven, this small Colorado town boasts some of the world's most prized skiing conditions. Tucked up on the Northern border, Steamboat Springs is approximately 50 miles from Wyoming as a crow flies.

The small mountain town, population 13k, swells up in the winter months as tourists and skiers flock for the epic powder. It's a modest town filled with "ma and pa" shops and quaint inns and hotels.

The culinary scene is a bit of an enigma which can make it incredibly surprising to find out there is a world class sushi and ramen restaurant. I'm talking about Yama Modern Japanese Sushi and Ramen Bar. At Yama, fish is flown in from all the global seafood hot spots, Japan, Hawaii, Maine and Alaska.

If diners are more interested in land lover's food, Yama sources there beef from Walden, CO and vegetables are locally sourced from the Steamboat valley.

One "Yelper" explained, "Yama, absolutely blew my mind. It was just what we needed after a long day on the sloped... I definitely look forward to returning to Steamboat and most of all, Yama."

At Yama, the wine and sake are just as important as the high end dishes. To ensure they only serve the freshest wines and sake, Yama uses the Wineemotion wine dispensing system to preserve and serve at the ideal temperature.

The Italian system is a state of the art wine (and capable of serving sake) preservation system that helps restaurants enhance their wine by the glass program and ultimately capitalize on the high margin associated with high end wine by the glass.

Guests come in after a long day of powder skiing in some of the world's most pristine conditions and sit down to warming fare like "Pork Belly Ramen" or "King Salmon Tartare" and wash it down with a 4 or 6 oz. option of premium wine or sake by the glass.

Like the seasonal activities in Steamboat, much of Yama's menu depends on the time of year. Seasonal additions can be found at Yama different times of the year. In the same respect the wine and sake lists adjust through the year as well and if skiing isn't your thing, come to Steamboat in the summer and fall for renowned river rafting/floating, cycling or site seeing to leave you in awe. Just remember to come with an appetite because great restaurants like Yama will always be ready for you.

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