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A New Concept of Street Food with Wine-by-the-Glass Program

Who would ever think you can pair wines with your favorite street foods? Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful idea, and Urban Crave at Orlando International Airport has the solution for it. By following its mission to bring a new experience to the street food scene, Urban Crave at Orlando Airport has made the wine-by-the-glass program available to customers with WineEmotion USA dispenser and preservation systems.

Urban Crave is a brand created by SSP America following the increasing trend of “street eats” and is present throughout North America’s airports. This concept aims at serving adventurous customers who dare to try new original creations based on common favorite street foods such as hot dogs, tacos, and wraps. The powerful taste of the foods will leave you crave for more.

Not only the foods are urbanized but one can feel the urban atmosphere inside Urban Crave at Orlando International Airport as well. From the design to the selection of furniture and appliances, SSP America made sure every detail meets up with the concept given to the brand. One remarkable experience customers get from this urban restaurant at Orlando International Airport is the wine-by-the-glass program provided by WineEmotion USA.

WineEmotion is the next generation wine dispensing and preservation technology. This innovative system improves the performance of wine service to increase R.O.I. of restaurants, bars, and lounges. The system allows wines to be displayed and preserved up to 30 days. Owners do not have to worry about oxidation and spoilage.

The machines also come with three levels pour measure of 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 oz that makes wine tasting more convenient. Over-pouring or spilling has always been a concern, but this feature allows a stress-free environment to serve wine and reduce the wait time for customers.

Given the convenient features and luxurious feel of the systems, WineEmotion USA is the perfect addition to Urban Crave at Orlando International Airport as it helps contribute to the restaurant’s vision to serve “street eats” on an entirely new level.

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